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Books Kids Will Want to Give a Big, Warm Hug

IMG_2428_2You know the scene.  A little child, dressed in her jammies, pulls her favorite book off the shelf and crawls into bed with it.  She doesn’t need to read it; she knows the words by heart.  And after the much-loved adventure has been devoured for the umpteenth time, she falls asleep with her precious book resting on her chest. You know . . . the same way you used to drift off into slumberland.

So, you go searching either in a store or online for that special book that actually has a story line that keeps kids engaged with a happy format. But the majority of what you find are disappointing: colors not quite right, story not quite right—too simplistic, lacking in depth—flat graphic illustrations lacking life or relatability. You long to find the kind of book you grew up with.  And if you get lucky, you will find that rare jewel in the middle of the bookstore table . . . a book just like the ones that transported you to wonderful places.  The kind of book that a child physically holds close, chews on, colors in (yep, that’s all o.k.), and reads over and over and over.

I create books to help make your search easier. Kids crave a really good story . . . a cheerful tale that leaves them feeling inspired, happy, engaged, and encouraged.

The best narratives transport us, child and adult alike. They take us outside ourselves and into understanding others, our beautiful Earth, and the gorgeous critters and plants that inhabit her.

I believe that a child’s book is the most important literature in the world.  It’s a place where so much can begin:  imagination, empathy, love, understanding, inspiration, creativity, and love of literature.  It’s all there, and then some.

In addition to creating books, I can help you create your own project

If you have your own creative longing, I also offer training and consulting for aspiring creatives, writers, and illustrators who want to bring their own unique project into the world. Check out my page on upcoming courses, and feel free to get in touch!

If you are a corporation or business entity that wants an exclusive character or book of your own, I do that, too. You may have an idea to develop a product for your clients or customers, but you’re not sure where to get that service—where to find an illustrator, writer, let alone, publisher.  With 11 years experience in that venue, I can help you with any of those steps, or all of them.  Just drop me a line, and together, we’ll see if we’re a good fit for your vision, and then we’ll develop your ideal product.  I’m ready to help.

Every child is one-of-a-kind and unique with dreams, gifts, and needs all their own.  They want to experience the world. Let’s give them a really good start.


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