Out My Studio Window

P6050237I couldn’t ask for more inspiration. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest writer and artist in the world!  As I write this, I’m looking out my studio window at the woods of black oaks and ponderosa pines.  Here are just a few of the visitors that I see every day–the hawk was right out my window as I sat at the drawing table.  The spring brings us countless wildlife, including rabbits, doves, finches, and beautiful little grey foxes with red bellies. The deer and squirrels are year-round.  All the models I need for creating wonderful characters!!  These were all taken from my windows, here on our beautiful 10 acres of heaven.




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A Familiar Sound

P3040120Walking out in the cold air after a rain, I heard a familiar sound.  What was it that was so uplifting?  It was the sound of the first robin, who brings the reminder that spring is coming very soon!  These little guys have the most beautiful song, and such personality!  You can almost imagine what he’s thinking! Inspiration for stories and art are everywhere  – you only need to look and listen.


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Art + Crepes = Perfection!!

crepe cart 2 (500x375)It’s always so energizing to be around other creative people–especially when one of them is your talented daughter!  After enjoying a holiday get-together with East Bay Licensing Artists,  we stopped at a dear friend’s crepe cart for an amazing treat!  Nothing like an authentic French crepe and singing nutcrackers to top off a fabulous day with my darling daughter!  C’est magnifique!!

banana and nutella crepe (500x375)

Banana and Nutella–seriously yummy!!!

Art & design are everywhere, if we just look.

Photos © Nicole Hooper.  See her blog here.

crepe cart (500x375)carolers on bay street (500x375)pink mailbox.jpg3 (500x375)



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Holiday Season

booksigningThe holiday lights and ambience were spectacular this year!  Kicking off the season with another great signing and meeting the most amazing people.  I had decided to just kick back on Sunday and enjoy some quiet time.  So, I picked up a local magazine and there was an announcement that Wyland was in his gallery right next door to my hotel for that afternoon.  Forget relaxing!  Pulled myself together quickly and ran next door to meet one of my idols in art and as a voice for the planet and its creatures.  How lucky was that?!



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Summer Signing

P8130023_2I love Vegas in the summer–the misters are going at the pool and the vacation energy is superb!  It also brings the time to do book signings with dear friends.  Teresa joined me on this trip, and we had quality girl time in great shops, patisseries, and just relaxing. It was a great break with lots of inspiration, as always.  The beauty of the desert always amazes me. I see art everywhere!


P4180056  P8120008P8120009

Who would think that in Vegas one can see huge, colorful mushrooms and giant ants, let alone creatures in trees!  Believe it!

PA180031 PA180021 P4150012

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Fall Book Signing


PB210070Another successful signing in Vegas!  Here I am with my sweet son, also Executive Director of Ravenwood Studios Publishing.  After a second signing for the year in July, this third one was equally fun and exciting.  The kids are always the best part.  A very beautiful 14 year-old girl stopped by and commented that one of my books was her favorite when she was growing up.  That’s what makes it all worth it – there’s no greater compliment.

The desert is such a magical place.  Enjoyed an amazing send-off from the plane just before our early morning take off.



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A Dream of a Birthday


My son gave me a wonderful birthday present–a day at the concourse car show!  I love classic cars, so I took a few pics of my favorites.  A girl can dream!!  The 1954 Kaiser, designed by Dutch Darrin, a famous Packard designer, was my fave (see the little mint green car with matching interior).  But I always wanted a ’57 T-Bird (pale pink!).  So many choices!  Enjoy!

P9180012 P9180070 P9180069 P9180066 P9180052


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Book Signing in Las Vegas

P4180042P4180037 P4180041

A very busy weekend!  The book signing for Gigi & Jacques’ Wedding in Paris was a success!  Always so much fun to see the sweet kids.  This was the fourth in a series, with more to come!

Wedding Cover_2


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Costa Rica

Just back from an amazing Panama Canal cruise.  Costa Rica was gorgeous–the sounds in the jungle–birds, waterfalls, interrupted only by people enjoying the zip lines–all were truly spectacular.  Inspiration was everywhere–color, design, animals, LIFE!  The rainforest surprised me–you could feel it breathe.  A truly living thing.  If you’ve seen Avatar, this is Pandora. The unexpected serendipities are the best on any adventure.  But this one is calling me back to Costa Rica–another trip is definitely in the making.  We will spend some time there with the wonderful people, wildlife, and rainforest.  We can learn so much from this culture that is successfully protecting their precious environment.

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Cabo San Lucas



When I travel to other countries, I always notice the color and art that seems to be more prevalent than at home.  Here’s a lucky shot–this pelican wanted nothing more than to be left alone while he/she napped in the sun on this beautiful little blue and white boat.  We did an absolute photo shoot!  Keep your camera ready for those great shots to add to your art resource files!



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